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Dear Dad,



From a million miles I hear it;
Your heart’s trying to break free from your ribs,
‘cos when you think of me you feel terrified,
‘weda I don be prodigal son’

you’ve got so many questions on your mind;
Has he gone wild? what is he doing?
He no dey get younger,
How is he?

I’m sorry that I stayed away,
for very, very, very long,
I didn’t mean it,

I’ve just been grinding,
working hard to build the dream;

But when I heard you’re in a hospital,
I swear I almost had a heart attack,

Dialing heaven,
requesting God,
to keep your life for me,

Hold On!
Daddy, Hold On!

Hold On!
Daddy, Hold On!

I know for sure that one day you’ll be gone,
strolling the streets of gold where angels roam,

but please,
Hold on!
It’s not time to join R.I.P to your name

It’s not time abeg!

My fire, passion and my desire is,
that you will reap the fruits of your labor,

Chop life,
ride a Bentley,
and live big,

oh, oh, oh, oh,

sometimes I hear the scary thoughts inside your head,
like what if I don’t make it before you are gone,

God forbid,
‘Chukwu ekwena’,
but I’ll admit,
I get scared too

but despite the fears,
I’m gonna do everything
it takes, to be,
who I need to be,

I’ll make you proud,
one day this music thing go pay

Yours sincerely,

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